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About Rise Manufacturing

As a full-service fabrication and machining company, Rise Manufacturing provides custom manufacturing solutions for high-volume production.

We specialize in creating quality-certified parts, vessels, and structures for the defense, energy, and aerospace, industries. Because we provide both fabrication and machining services in our 55,000-square-foot facility, we offer a seamless, stress-free process that eliminates the added time and hassle of working with multiple vendors. Our Makino pallet cell system and Swiss machines aid us in providing superior services for high-volume runs.

To give customers the best value and products possible, we apply Lean principles and 5S standards in all we do at Rise. The principles of Lean are part of our mentality, but that doesn’t mean we run a bare-bones business. Lean isn’t an excuse to cut costs and corners. Instead, it’s a philosophy that focuses our resources and processes efficiently to better respond to customers’ needs. As part of this mentality, we invest in hardworking, talented employees who always keep our end goal—to maximize value for each and every customer—in mind.

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The Rise Standard

At Rise Manufacturing, “good” isn’t good enough. Here, kaizen—or continuous improvement—is one of our core values. That means we’re always trying to make our products and ourselves better. It also means

  • We always have an eye on advancing procedures to decrease lead times while maintaining the highest level of standards.
  • Our employees undergo continuing education.
  • We meet or exceed ASME, AS9100: Rev. C, and
    ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements.
  • Our problem-solving skills are as advanced as our engineering and mechanical skills. Even if there’s no known way to create a desired part, we find a way.
  • We deliver what we promised, when we promised it.
To maintain The Rise Standard, we do extensive preplanning and have measures in place to prevent defects. We also maintain an unrivaled tracking system for our processes and products. From raw materials to the finished product, we document and track each step of the way. Finally, our stringent inspection procedures ensure we deliver fault-free parts and products.