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Under Construction

Renovations are now underway at our new 55,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Broken Arrow. We are in the process of giving all the offices a complete overhaul. We’re painting each room and replacing all the flooring. We’re even knocking down and putting up walls. The break room will have a ’50s diner theme, complete with red vinyl booths, and we are outfitting it with all new appliances and multiple microwaves. It’ll be a great place for employees to relax and enjoy their downtime!

The building also contains designated areas for machining and fabrication. We’re creating a large tool room with an extensive organizational system. In addition, we are removing a wall and mezzanine to increase the capacity area in the welding portion of the building. The larger space will permit us to fabricate more expansive items and better accomodate our customers’ needs. We’re excited about the changes in store!


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