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Rise Expedites Job to Help Save Start-Up

A week before their client’s scheduled start-up, one of our customers called us; they needed a part manufactured on a fast turnaround. A steam meter on a 14-inch, 1,500-pound steam line was damaged and required replacement prior to plant operation.

To serve our customer, we expedited the precision machining of a custom 16-inch–diameter stainless steel forging. To begin the project, we coordinated and scheduled material procurement. We also coordinated then performed the multiple-operation processing of the part. In addition, we handled the necessary meticulous inspection processes. We then air freighted the part on the customer’s chartered flight for start-up two­ days later—effectively helping reduce a multiple-week turnaround to a mere three days.

While most of our jobs at Rise Manufacturing operate on standard delivery timelines, we offer expedited services like this for our customers when needed. So if you’re ever in a bind and have a job that borders on the impossible, give us a call at 918.994.6240. We’d love to help you!

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